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Ultraman Free Game Category: Puzzles
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Size: 9.61MB
Update: 2014-08-18
Description: The first emerges of Ultraman begins when Science Patrol (Kagaku Tokusou Tai) member Shin Hayata is flying his plane and a red sphere of light crashes into his Mini-VTOL. The sphere turns out to be the transport (Travel Sphere) for a red-and-silver giant being who calls himself Ultraman. Feeling remorse for having killed the human, he merges his essence with Hayata to revive him. In return, Hayata serves as the human form for this being, and whenever danger threatens, and the resources of the Science Patrol are not enough to counter it, he raises and activates a power-object and artifact called a "beta capsule" and transforms to Ultraman to save the day.
Sinister aliens and giant monsters constantly threaten civilization during this period. The only Earth organization equipped to handle these disasters is the Science Special Search Party, or SSSP, a special worldwide police force equipped with high-tech weapons and vehicles, as well as extensive scientific and engineering facilities; this organization is called the Science Patrol, or the United Nations Scientific Investigation Agency, in the English-dubbed version syndicated in the United States. The branch of the Science Patrol that is focused on in the series is located in Tokyo, Japan. Led by Captain "Cap" Toshio Muramatsu (shortened to "Captain Mura" ), the Science Patrol is always ready to protect the Earth from rampaging monsters, but sometimes it finds itself outclassed.
When the situation becomes desperate, Shin Hayata, the Patrol's most capable member, holds the key to salvation in the form of a power-object and artifact called the "Beta Capsule," which, whenever activated, allows him to transform secretly into the super-humanoid-powered giant from space, who becomes known to the people of Earth as Ultraman.
Ultraman remains until the threat is neutralized and then flies away to revert back to Hayata. Ultraman's victory is never assured, however, as Ultraman's powers and, indeed, his very life force, come from rapidly depleted, stored solar energy. At the beginning of each transformation from Hayata-to-Ultraman, the "warning light" on the giant's chest begins as a steady blue color. Yet as Ultraman exerts himself, the "Color Timer," as it is also called, turns red, then blinks—slowly at first, then with increasing rapidity—as his energy reserves get closer to exhaustion.

- Free to play! Take it anywhere on your mobile device.
- Amazing pictures, selected manually based on rating system.
- Complete list of all characters from Ultraman Series - Ultraman Hayata, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Cosmos , Ultraman Nexus. the aliens and many more...
- View the Ultraman series video and news from the official site of Ultraman in your android phone.
- More than 20 different Ultraman Jigsaw puzzle game.
- Play your favorite Ultraman characters game
- Play the Ultraman memory game on your android device
- Application is totally free
- Supports tablets and phones, MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI, mid-size, large, x-large and HD screens;
The jigsaw puzzle game contains a huge number of unique puzzles. All of them are beautiful images with lovely characters you know well from the movie.
Drag the pieces to the right place to create the image. Try to complete all levels and you will get the extra bonus, you'll love this game! Download it free to your android phone.
Ultraman Free Game is the perfect game for kids, who love Ultraman cartoon. Check out all these wonderful graphics and different things you can do in this Ultraman Free Game.
DISCLAIMER: All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. The use of any names, copyrights, trademarks or photos have been used for Descriptive Purposes only and not to show endorsement or permission to use. This is completely unofficial, and created for fans.
This app made by fans for fans, and it's for entertainment and personal purposes only.

Content rating: Low Maturity
Rating: Tags: cartoon flying jigsaw kids love memory mobile puzzle space ultraman

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