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Ad-Vanish Lite Category: Productivity
Price: Free
Version: 4.2
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Size: 215.36KB
Update: 2014-08-18
Developer: 8JAPPS
Description: Ad-Vanish
Say "Good Bye" to Ads
The best Ad blocker(for non-rooted and rooted phones/tablets) in the market.
Want to block annoying Ads from all your apps??(Especially for games like: Angry birds, Where's my water, Cut the rope etc), And want to reduce your data usage??

This is the app for you. And its Free!!
If you are an online gamer or wants to block Ads from app that need to be connected with internet all time. Then this is NOT the app for you.
HOW Ad-Vanish Works(Please read before installing):
Ads use network connection to fill it's Banner, For Games and Apps that can be used without network connection Ad-Vanish will come handy. Ad-Vanish will intelligently toggles network connection in-order to block Ads. After you are done with the Ad-monitored App( for e.g Angry Birds monitored with Ad-Vanish) The network connection will be automatically set to its initial state. Here the best part is that only if the Ad-Monitored App is displayed the network connection will be off, if you minimize or stop the App, Then Ad-Vanish will set back the initial state of network connection.

★ Blocks Ads from any of the apps you ever installed(ONLY APPLICABLE FOR APPS THAT CAN BE USED WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION).
★ Some Ad banners may contain Malware hidden, Protect your Android device using Ad-Vanish.
★ Most suitable for Games and Apps with annoying Ads consuming screen space.
★ No need of Rooted phone.
★ Works on ALL apps and games.
★ No more Ads will take your screen space in Games (Angry Birds, Paper Toss, and all popular games out there).
★ Saves extra data usage consumed by Ads.
★ Search app facility.

★ This is Lite version, only two apps at a time can be monitored by Ad-Vanish Lite. Try "Ad-Vanish Pro" for monitoring all your Apps + Extra features like: less app size + Modified UI + Auto Start after restarting Phone/Tablet + Full refund for dislikes + Support Dev-team etc.
★★ Makes use of intelligent internet-toggling technique for blocking Ads.
★★ If app crashes after restarting for v3.0, Please clear user data and cache of Ad-Vanish and start service again.
★★★ Remember Ads are the only source of income for free apps, So if you are using Ad-vanish. Then please try to get paid version of your favorite apps.
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