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Death Miner II Category: Role Playing
Price: Free
Version: 2.4.2
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Size: 3.7MB
Update: 2014-06-09
Developer: Adelaide Bowen
Description: The poor gold miner is busting his ass to sustain familybut life seems to be so hardas a gold minerhe\'s forced by his boss to mine in a dangerous cavethe only way to get there is by rail.and the miner has to cross through the cave via steep railsand there\'s even gap on the railif he fails to accelerate the miner truck to a certain speedhe will fall off the dark cliff. One small miss would mean the loss of life forever!!! Wellno painsno gainsthe gold miner\'s effort will finally pay off. There are many golds and other precious metals there. Help the gold miner to defeat the death and mine the gold.
1. TAP screen to jump over the block.
2. Let gold miner grab gold and diamond to upgrade.
3. Upgrade speed and life when necessary.
4. Pay attention to the gap on railsjump too early or too late would kill the gold miner.
1. 点击屏幕跳过障碍物
2. 让黄金矿工抓住黄金和钻石,获得升级的钱。
3. 必要时升级矿工的前进速度和生命值。
4. 注意轨道之间的空隙,跳得太早或太晚会跌下悬崖。
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