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Real Racing Top Free Car Games Category: Racing
Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Size: 18.07MB
Update: 2014-08-18
Developer: Free Fighting Racing Running Sports Puzzle Games
Description: After great war, when all civilizations have fallen and the fate of humanity was on the balance between survival and extinction, fighting games were so intense that every country launched everything they had. The effect of these fighting games was nuclear winter.
Arms racing isn't over even after this great war. Everyone tries to find the best free supplies whenever they can to improve the search for supplies and survival chances, people start to form cool organized groups. You never trusted those top cool groups, because they always end up in fighting games with each other and many innocent people die. Fun times are over.....
You know the real post apocalyptic desert too well to race out there without a weapon, you never know when fighting games can start and when real race begins. After many months you finally finish preparing your cool car for the real road, it's a monster truck ready to race. Best thing is that the engine is in top condition, after installing real multi canons you are ready to move with this monster truck. You were in a lot of luck finding this monster truck car and making it race again. It's the best option you've got in racing situation. Raiders were watching you for those past few months and they are waiting for a good moment to strike! They are well quipped with cars and weapons. There is no time for fun, you need to hurry, they will strike soon if you don't move out of here.
When you left your hideout and drove your monster truck car a few miles, raiders came out from nowhere - it's an ambush - real racing time!
They use all they've got to loot your cool stuff! Don't get caught or wasted, use you driving skills to avoid incoming enemies and obstacles. They, for sure, sent their top drivers to kill you. Have a sharp eye and shoot those damn bastards. Watch out for ammo supplies! You can run out, the best thing is you can collect some in game for free. It's about to begin, fun times are coming!
In this cool free game you will be racing your monster truck car in post apocalyptic desert, your mission is to race and stay alive as long you can. Be at the top of leaderboards to prove that you are the best of the best! Be aware of many hours of fun with this game!
Top racing game on the store, don't waste your free time no more - it's fun time!
This awesome some game is totally for free!
Rating: Tags: awesome balance car driving fighting monster racing truck war winter

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