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Helicopter Battle Parking Sim

Helicopter Battle Parking Sim Category: Strategy
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Size: 25.31MB
Update: 2014-08-05
Developer: Rhino Games Studio - Free Fun 3D Racing Games
Description: Helicopter Battle Parking Sim puts you in the pilot sit and lets you fly a helicopter fast and low through a terrorist camp. Think you can handle the battle and reach your base?
• AMAZING Fly Extremely realistic looking battle helicopters through a stunning terrorist village
• • CHALLENGINGTest you Pilot skills flying helicopters fast and close to the ground.
• • • FUN TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS New multiplayer mode, Find out who is the best chopper pilot and who can survive longest!
Android Flying games Helicopter Review - 5 stars!
"Flying RC Helicopters is cool, Flying Real Helicopters is even cooler"
Fly 3 battle ready helicopters through a complex of tough turns, dives and manoeuvres with out getting killed. Apache, Cobra and Bell attack helicopters are all considered a standard made to destroy tanks, terrorist camps and bunkers weapons in the US Airforce. It is your change to fly helicopters vs tanks and other obstacles and win.
What is so great about Helicopter Battle Parking Sim
• Fly 36 levels with out crashing It takes skill to control these attack helicopters, can you do it?
• 3 Real Gunship Helicopters to fly Cobra - In the old battle of tanks vs Helicopters the cobra will win each time. The AH-1 Cobra Attack helicopter is a real tank destroyer on the battlefieldThe AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is the modern combat chopper designed to operate and cause blackouts to enemy forces. Bell 212 is the most versatile helli on the airforces and marines arsenal.
•A special flight simulator and shooting helicopter arcade game Get both of the two worlds a flight simulator and an arcade game all packed with modern combat flying weapons!
Fly attack helicopters - Manoeuvre across the battlefield - Land your helicopter safely
• Easy to handle, Hard to master - Try flying all 3 aircrafts across the battlefield with out crashing
• Fun Flying Game - Flying RC helicopters or wifi helicopter is fun but controlling real attack helicopters is even better. You box will love this game!
• Play with friends - Showoff your pilot skills, fly against your friends using wifi connection!
Helicopter Battle Parking Sim is a great time passer for people that have a craving for some NFS ( need for speed ) games. Easy to control heli but hard to master the battlefield with these modern combat choppers! Start with the Bell, proceed to the cobra then master the apache helicopter to become a top gun pilot

Choose from 3 super fast attack helicopters that are used on battlefields across the world
1) Apache AH-64 - The best gunship helicopter in the world used in any modern combat. Fully armed to survive any attack last used in Afghanistan for search and destroy missions
2) Cobra AH-1 - Narrow and agile makes it the perfect tank killer on the battlefield today. This gunship helicopter has been with the army since the Vietnam war.
3) Bell 212 - Multipurpose helicopter used for troop support and transport as well as battlefield recognises missions, submarine hunting and tank spotting

★★★★★Read the 5 star reviews we just received from MAJOUR game review sites ★★★★★

"Super awesome helicopter game, yehhh i can fly helicopters now, i am a super star pilot"
Kim Kardashian, Hollywood Android Magazine
"this helicopter game is awesome - Five stars from me ★★★★★"
Strange games we love 2014
"If you meet this gunship on the battlefield it is one angry bird you would want to miss!"
Metal Storm Word 2014
"Helicopter Vs Tanks blitz is the only cure. Love this game thanks!"
Airforce Fan Club 2014
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